What We Do

One Accord specializes in pediatric nursing services provided in the home & community setting in the North Central Texas region.

Our Mission

Provide excellence in pediatric nursing while improving the quality of life and exceeding families’ expectations.

Why We Do It

At One Accord, we believe that: Kids Deserve Better, Everyone Deserves a Voice, Families Deserve a Choice.

Our Services:

Pediactric Nursing Services

Children are not just “little adults” when it comes to medical care! Often they are just discovering life and need to be treated as a child and not as an adult. Pediatric nurses from One Accord Home Health offers intensive pediatric nursing care in the patient’s home and community setting.

By providing this clinical, educational, and technical support, a “hospital without walls” is created allowing children to thrive at home and families to receive much needed relief and support. Our licensed and certified team members (RNs and LVNs) are specially trained in pediatric medicine and know that you cannot treat a child as “a little adult” but instead must customize care to meet their unique needs and appreciate their many gifts.

Contact Us

Email: info@oneaccordhh.com  | Phone: 682-292-8663  | Website: oneaccordhh.com